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When Kirsten Dunst revealed the special gift Interview With a Vampire co-star Tom Cruise sends her every year | Hollywood

When Kirsten Dunst revealed the special gift Interview With a Vampire co-star Tom Cruise sends her every year | Hollywood

Actor Kirsten Dunst is back on the big screen with her latest release Civil War. Over the years she has starred in a bunch of popular movies such as the Spider-Man series, Marie Antoinette and other but she began her acting career very young. One of the earliest movies she starred in was Interview with a Vampire (1994). She starred with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the movie and once revealed how the former still stays in touch. (Also read: Kirsten Dunst reveals that her son ‘does not care’ about Spider-Man)

Kirten Dunst and Tom Cruise worked together in Interview with a Vampire.

‘Cruise Cakes’

During her appearance on The Graham Norton Show in 2016, host Graham Norton asked Kirsten if ‘Tom Cruise kept in touch since then.’

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She replied, “Yeah, he gives me a cake every Christmas. We call it the Cruise cake at my house. It’s just as coconut cake. It’s the best coconut cake I’ve ever had in my life from Doan’s bakery in the valley so sorry everybody, in England you can’t have it unless you go to California. It’s really good. And yeah, we get it every Christmas. Like all our family’s like Cruise cake is here, it’s like a major thing. That night we’re like oh, thank you Tom. Yum love it.”

Kirsten and Tom’s sweet beginnings

In 2021, Kirsten spoke to The Cut about how he was brought onboard the film with Tom’s help. “Well, we’re both from New Jersey. And we had this screen test where he had to pick up each little girl.”

“I was the tallest one, and he was like, ‘Tuck in your legs,’ so that I looked really tiny in his arms,” she explained to The Cut. “He was trying to help me out since Neil Jordan, the director, wanted to see how each girl looked when Tom picked us up because they wanted the character to look like a bit like a doll, a little girl.”

Interview with the Vampire follows Louis, a 200-year-old vampire recounting his life story to a reporter. Turned into a vampire by Lestat, Louis struggles with his humanity, thirst for blood, and immortality. Their journey is complicated by Claudia, a child vampire with a mature mind, leading to conflicts and tragedies. The narrative explores themes of loneliness, morality, and the essence of human nature, set against a backdrop of different eras and locations.

About Civil War

Civil War, directed by Alex Garland of Ex Machina and Annihilation fame, revolves around a team of military-embedded journalists who embark on a risky journey across a dystopian future US to reach Washington DC before rebel factions attack the White House.

Starring Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Nick Offerman, the film will hit Indian screens on April 19.

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