If you also want to get the number of BH series in Bihar, then you will have to do this work, see what is the guideline



Before giving Bharat i.e. BH Series Number, District Transport Officer will check the eligibility of the applicants. BH series number will be available only to those government and private employees who have offices in at least four states. In this regard, the Departmental Secretary has sent a detailed guideline to all the District Transport Officers.

If a person working in the private sector applies for BH series, then he will also have to give the address, telephone number and e-mail id of the offices in his four states.

After this the DTO will check its veracity. At the same time, Central Government employees will have to give their ID card. Aadhar card will also be taken from the applicants. The District Transport Officer will ensure that the applicant working in a government office can be transferred to another state outside Bihar.

The applicant will also be informed that in the event of transfer within 30 days, the registration authority of Bihar will have to be informed through the portal. It is to be known that the Ministry of Road and Highways Transport has made a provision of BH series for a single number across the country. The order of the Central Government has been implemented in Bihar as well. Recently, the Transport Department had also issued its notification.



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