In Bihar, PM Modi, Amit Shah and Priyanka Chopra took Corona’s vaccine, you will also be shocked to know the matter



Desk: In Bihar, a huge fraud case related to Corona RTPCR (RT-pcr) test has come to light, the latest case is being reported from Arwal district of Bihar. Where, in the list of vaccine takers, the names of people like PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and film actress Priyanka Chopra are included in the list. Two data operators have been fired after the matter came to light. You will also be surprised to hear what the laid-off operators have to say.

Let us tell you that there are many such names in the list, seeing which the officials were also shocked. The removed operator Vinay Kumar told that he was working in the city Telpa APHC. He blamed the health manager for this. He said that they were not even given data and the health manager used to pressurize them to enter forcibly. Another data operator Praveen Kumar told that the data given is his entry. Pressure was put on them. When the matter went to the top, he has been fired from his job. It is said that the list contains the names of many political and film personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Everyone’s name is in this list.

As soon as the case of forgery came to light, local MLA Mahanand Singh attacked the government regarding this. He said that with the help of such fake data, it is being told as the achievement of the whole country. Everyone knows what is the ground reality of the health department. However, this fraud has also raised questions about the ongoing investigation and vaccination in other places. Now it remains to be seen what action the government takes in this matter.


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