In these 14 districts of Bihar, the effect of cold will be more visible this time, know the condition of your district



The effect of cold is now clearly visible in Bihar. By evening, the temperature is falling rapidly. The effect of cold increases as the night passes. The morning has now started with fog. The minimum temperature has now started reaching around 10 degrees. However, people are getting some relief at the moment due to light sunshine in the day. This relief will continue to be available till the effect of westerly wind starts. The Meteorological Center of Patna has said in the forecast that the maximum temperature in the state will be 26 to 28 degrees while the minimum temperature will be in the range of 10 to 12 degrees centigrade. Here, with increasing cold, the condition of air pollution is also becoming worrying.

The effect of cold will be more in these districts

According to Patna Meteorological Center, the effect of cold will be more in Buxar, Bhojpur, Rohtas, Kaimur, Arwal, Aurangabad, Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, Sheikhpura, Nawada, Begusarai, Jehanabad and Lakhisarai districts. The minimum temperature in these areas can go up to 10 degrees, while the maximum temperature will be in the range of 24 to 26 degrees centigrade. More or less similar weather is likely to continue till December 1.

Know the condition of the air of major cities of Bihar

The condition of air pollution in Patna is very bad. The air quality index was recorded at 380 in Rajbanshinagar, Patna at 8 am on Sunday, 382 in Samanpura, 395 near Planetarium, 338 in Darbhanga, 340 in Muzaffarpur and 430 in Chhapra. The situation in Chhapra is even more dangerous than Delhi’s Anand Vihar. The AQI in Anand Vihar is recorded at 421 at the exact same time. The amount of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles in the air of Patna is very high. This level of pollution is quite serious. To avoid its effect, people must use masks.



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