In this place in Patna, you have started getting enough food for just Rs 15, you will also be tempted to see the menu.


At the place of milk market near Patna Junction, Golambar started getting food and snacks for Rs 15. It was inaugurated by Mayor Sita Sahu and Deputy Mayor Rajni Devi. The mayor said that with the help of Bhama Shah Foundation, arrangements have been made for the restaurant. Poor class, railway passengers and students have started getting quality food at cheap rates. According to the mayor, more than two thousand people reach the restaurant running at Kargil Chowk every day. The eatery located near Patna Junction will be open 24 hours.

Mayor Sita Sahu said that a large number of people are expected to come to this place to have food. This site will be developed. Rickshaw drivers, handcart drivers, auto rickshaw drivers, bus workers, laborers, cleaning laborers etc. will get benefit from the opening of this center.

Eight puri, vegetable and kheer-jalebi in breakfast

Deputy Mayor Rajni Devi said on this occasion that people should take advantage of this center. Rakesh Kumar Singh, executive officer of Nutan Rajdhani Zone, said that the center has been opened by freeing this site from encroachment. On this occasion, Vijay Kumar of Bhama Shah Foundation told that eight puris, vegetables and kheer or jalebi will be available in breakfast. Rice, pulses, vegetables, chutney, papad etc. will be available during the day. Five rotis and vegetables will be available in the evening. The menu will be expanded in the future.

Toilet to be built near milk market at Patna Junction

A toilet will be built at the place of milk market near Patna Junction Golambar. The mayor said that a unit of urinal would be installed on the way to Patna Junction. A toilet will be built in the area adjacent to the main road. He directed the executive officer to complete the construction process at the earliest. Toilet is required at this location.


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