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Indian Railways reduced the fare of 3110 trains, know how much was reduced

After the removal of the special tag from the trains, the passenger fare has been reduced by 20 to 30 percent. Where 10 to 20 rupees have been reduced in the second seating. At the same time, there will be a saving of more than a hundred rupees in the rent of the sleeper. The fare of AC has also come down from Rs.300 to Rs.400. 3110 trains across the country will now charge fare as before. The system was updated in the computers from 14 to 21 November to run the trains on the old number and pre-determined fare.

The fare reduction rate is different in different trains. In Magadh Express, the fare from Patna to Delhi will have to be reduced by Rs 140 for sleeper class, Rs 365 for third AC and Rs 420 for AC-II. When the train was special, the fare was Rs 650 for sleeper, Rs 1715 for third AC and Rs 2330 for ACTU. Traveling from Patna to Ranchi will now cost around Rs 50 less. Earlier it used to cost Rs 305 for the sleeper. Now it will cost Rs 255.

In some trains, more fare was charged in the name of special. It has decreased. There were many such trains, which were running in the name of special, but they were charging normal fare. The fare in such trains remains the same. Extra fare is being charged only in festival special trains.

Rajesh Kumar, CPRO Poomer


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