‘Khan sir’ came out to campaign in Panchayat elections, said- ‘Not 1000, take 5 thousand but vote..! Watch Viral Video



Desk: You people must have recognized Khan sir from Patna very well, the same ones who were trending on social media last months, tell that Khan sir is not only Bihar. Map expert Khan sir has a YouTube channel named Khan GS Recharch Center on YouTube, which has around 15 million subscribers, Khan sir keeps children entertained along with studies, even as many people want Bollywood heroes. Yes, in the same way, students consider Khan sir as their idol.

But in the meantime, a video of Khan sir is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which he is seen campaigning for the chief’s election, telling that he was seen doing a road show with the candidate from the roof of the car, during which he laughed. Jokingly kept appealing for votes.

During the roadshow, he said, “Take not one, but 5 thousand rupees from the candidate and don’t even vote, when Khasi (goat) is sold for 5 thousand, then how is the man being sold for one thousand, hey take the money too. Take one thousand not 5 thousand and don’t even vote, fight for health, education, you guys, we will always come here. If anyone needs education, then meet us in Patna.

Let us tell that the name of Khan sir for whom he campaigned is Vipin Kumar, both of them are being told as friends, Vipin says that in view of the corruption in the society, I have entered the election fray from Salha Panchayat of Sahdei, I teach on YouTube. I will do both social service with my work, I will not leave any work, Khan sir is my friend that’s why he came for me.


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