Know about the top 5 YouTubers of Bihar – in terms of earnings, all are more than one..



Desk : The reach of social media is increasing day by day, so there are many youths who are living on social media. Let us tell you that all these young people earn a lot through social media. Today we are going to talk about the youth of Bihar who have made their career on YouTube.

Ideal Pleasure: Adarsh ​​Anand is a resident of Bhagalpur, let us tell you that he makes his funny videos through social media, but the thing to note is that he posts funny videos on Bollywood and trending things. In such a situation, he has a YouTube channel named Adarsh ​​Anand. He earns by pressing from this YouTube channel. He has a huge fan following. People like to watch his videos, let us tell you that he has not put any huge setup to make his video. He does this work only at his village house.

Maithili Thakur: Maithili Thakur is from Mithila in Bihar. His voice is very melodious, let us tell you that his song is heard not only in the country but also abroad. She is one of the classical singers of Bihar. Not only in Bihar but he is at the fourth place in the count of top YouTuber of the whole country, he has a fan base of more than 3 million.

Art Kala Youtube Channel : Art Kala YouTube channel has 500 million users, let us tell you that this YouTube channel Pawan runs together with his two sisters Pooja and Sneha. Pawan has two sisters and both come on the channel. Pawan says that he started this YouTube channel in 2016, seeing the condition of his house, he felt that he should do some work, due to which he started YouTube side by side. Now he has become a full time YouTuber.

Mahatma Technical: Mahatma Technical started his YouTube channel in 2016. He mostly makes technical videos and also gives such motivation to the public, after which everyone becomes successful. Mahatma ji comes from technical Bihar, so he is associated with a huge fan base and people love watching motivational videos along with technical on his YouTube channel.

Khan sir: As soon as Khan sir’s name is written on the YouTube channel, so many videos come, seeing which it is difficult to know which is his real video? Let us tell you that he is a resident of Bihar Patna and he comes from education background. . He teaches children preparing for government exams. He explains any issue in such a simple way, from which children to old age can easily understand his point of view. Let us tell you that he has 10 million subscribers.


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