limit reached! Police entered the bride’s room in the name of finding liquor in Patna…then what happened



Desk: These days, Bihar Police is continuously conducting intensive investigation in new areas to make the prohibition law more effective, because in the past, about 50 people died due to drinking spurious liquor in Mithilanchal area, after which CM Nitish has passed this law. To make it more effective, a review meeting was held, after the meeting, it was directed to hold the watchman to the police station responsible for making the No Liquor Policy effective.

But in the meantime, a case of indiscipline and dignity of Patna Police has come to light. In fact, these days, Patna Police is raiding various hotels in the city regarding prohibition of alcohol, but in the meantime the police entered the bride’s room after going to a wedding ceremony in the name of prohibition, even a woman policeman near the police team. Still, went to the bride’s room and searched. The police do not even realize how much she is disobeying the law by entering the bride’s room and examining each and every thing closely.

The latest case was seen in a wedding ceremony of Rajiv Nagar police station area of ​​​​the capital Patna, the police did not even bother that a woman should enter as a bride with the help of a policeman and investigate there, during which the search inspector It is seen saying what to do, there is an order from above, even though the policemen are blindly taking such action in the name of making the liquor prohibition law effective, but due to this action, the family members in the houses where the marriage program is organized. I see resentment.


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