Liquor prohibition law should be returned in Bihar.. After Lalu-Congress, now BJP MLA demanded.. Know- what said?


Desk: Liquor prohibition law is in force in Bihar, but what is its effect on the ground, you are well acquainted with this thing, people are dying due to drinking poisonous liquor, and the government is saying, “Gandi cheez ka ka Seven karieega to dieega nahi” This kind of statement, despite the prohibition, does not suit at all, this thing is being constantly opposed by the opposition, in recent days, Lalu Yadav also took a jibe at Nitish Kumar and criticized the prohibition law. was uncovered,

At the same time, now the leaders of the ruling party have also come out to oppose this prohibition law, tell that now the MLA of JDU’s ally BJP has also raised politics by demanding that Nitish Kumar end the prohibition law. Granted, BJP MLA Hari Bhushan Thakur has demanded from the government that as the agriculture law has been withdrawn, Nitish Kumar should also take back the liquor prohibition law.

MLA Hari Bhushan Thakur said that the way the agriculture law has been withdrawn in the country, in the same way, there is a demand from our government that the liquor prohibition law should also be withdrawn in Bihar, engineers and doctors in the name of liquor ban in Bihar. They are being caught, it is a matter of concern and consideration, action is not being taken against those who are making liquor prohibition a failure in Bihar, who are liquor mafia. In Bihar, in the name of prohibition, only the protectors have become eaters.

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