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Till now you must have seen the great underground route i.e. subway in big cities only, but now soon a magnificent subway will be constructed in the station area of ​​the capital Patna so that the railway passengers have to face the problems at least let me tell you that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated 4 schemes under Patna Smart City Project on Saturday and laid the foundation stone for 6 schemes. Under this, in view of the problem of traffic jam in front of Patna Junction, the foundation stone of this scheme has been laid.

For information, let me tell you that a 440 meter long subway for pedestrians in this magnificent subway will be built in the Patna Junction area, which is located behind Buddha Smriti Park, through multi-level parking, this subway is located near GPO Golambar from the proposed multimodal hub. Connecting Patna Junction to Multi-Level Parking 330 meters is going to be underground, this subway will also be 110 meters on the surface, it will be subway.


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