New guidelines have been issued for the air passengers of Bihar, know the conditions applicable at the airports of other states as well.



Desk: The threat of corona virus in the country was not even averted properly that again a new virus named Omicron has arisen, due to which there has been panic in the country again. Especially, a close watch is being kept on the passengers coming from abroad, in view of this, the Bihar government has also issued a new guideline for the passengers coming from different states at various airports in Bihar.

Know the new guidelines: Let us inform that arrangements have also been made for rapid antigen test at many airports, so only 72 hours before negative RTPCR report will work, some airports require a certificate of taking full dose vaccine, there are some airports where thermal screening Except no restrictions have been imposed, instructions have also been issued for Patna, Gaya and Darbhanga airports in Bihar.

Guidelines for travelers coming from different cities: Passengers going to Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra will have to have Arogya Setu App in their mobile, if the passenger has not taken both the doses of the vaccine, then 72 hours prior negative RTPCR report is necessary. Similarly, passengers coming to Ahmedabad who have taken both doses of corona vaccine 15 days before travel will be exempted from RTPCR test. After reaching Chennai airport, if the symptoms of corona are found in the passenger, then 14 days will have to be quarantined. Those who will go from Kerala to Chennai, they will have to keep both the dosage certificates and negative RTPCR report, if they want to go out somewhere after reaching Chennai, then e-registration is necessary.

Those taking both the doses will not be tested at the same Guwahati airport, those who did not take both, they will have a rapid antigen test, if the report is negative, RTPCR will be done but for this, 250 rupees will have to be paid. Only thermal screening is necessary for all passengers at Bengaluru airport, negative RTPCR report of 72 hours before or both is required at Amritsar airport, failing which there will be rapid antigen test, for Hyderabad airport also taking both doses or 72 The test will not be done if the RTPCR report of the hour before is negative. Passengers going to Ranchi who have taken both doses of the vaccine 15 days before travel and the RTPCR report of 72 hours before is negative, will be exempted from the rapid antigen test.


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