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Pic By ABK vlog

Nalanda University used to illuminate the whole world with the light of its knowledge, but Bakhtiyar Khilji had destroyed Nalanda University but once again soon this Nalanda University is going to get back its lost glory soon because Nalanda University The construction is going on very fast. This university itself is very magnificent and as grand as you will not believe your eyes after seeing it.

Let me tell you that many countries including Japan are helping to build this grand Nalanda University, and its construction is starting very fast and its construction is now clearly visible at the ground level, where you can clearly see it. The big grand buildings and structures in the pictures have been built.

nalanda university main gate (Pic Prakash Singh Azad)

Let me tell you that this building and structures must be seen matching with some historical structures, along with this Nalanda University Gate has also been constructed, apart from this, studies of some subjects have also been started in this Nalanda University as you can see. can see.

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