Now drinking alcohol in Bihar and throwing empty bottles is not good! CM Nitish made this special plan .. know –



Desk: In Bihar, the government is constantly taking new steps to make the prohibition law more strict, in the same way, CM Nitish Kumar once again implemented a new law to make the prohibition law more effective, now prohibition in the state It will not be easy to disobey the law (Bihar Liquor Ban), now those who throw bottles after drinking alcohol are not well for them.

CM Nitish Kumar said that the picture of the person throwing the bottle after drinking alcohol will be produced. Because, in the past, CM Nitish was looking very angry after getting empty liquor bottles in the Bihar Assembly premises, he said that every action of the drinkers is being monitored.

He said that only rumours are not to be paid attention to, especially the capital Patna is being monitored for prohibition. The effect of the action is being seen, Nitish Kumar said that such an effort is being made that the picture of those who throw bottles after drinking alcohol should come in front of the people.

The Chief Minister said that some people are putting obstacles in the way of making the prohibition law effective and the government is fully prepared to deal with such people. Constantly showing strictness.


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