Now platform tickets will be available at Bihar’s railway stations for just this much rupees, there will be a saving of 80%


Railways has decided to provide relief to the passengers and their relatives. Making a big announcement, the platform ticket price has been again reduced to Rs.10. It was increased to 50. This system has also been implemented at all railway stations of Bihar. Now you can go without any hassle to leave your relatives. People have breathed a sigh of relief after the new system of railways was implemented. However, it was said on behalf of the Railways that in view of Diwali and Chhath, the administration had decided to increase the rate of platform tickets. So that there is no unnecessary congestion on the platform and minimum inconvenience to the passengers. Especially, in the Kovid investigation. Because at that time all the passengers coming from outside were compulsorily screened.

This system has also been implemented

The order of providing relief to the passengers and their relatives is going on by the Railways. On the one hand, while the Kovid special status has been removed, now the platform ticket rate has also been reduced by 80 percent. It is a matter of great relief. This system has also been implemented. After which people are able to go comfortably to drop their relatives till the train. Earlier, with the removal of the special tag of trains, the process of charging more fare has also ended. However, those who had booked earlier, they have got some disappointment.

food will also be served

IRCTC, the company that arranges tickets and catering for Indian Railways, has also made a new announcement. Now food will also be served to the passengers along with covid precautions. In this way, the trouble of those who travel long distances will be reduced. In some trains it has been restored. In others, the process of starting it is going on. Due to the possibility of infection during the Corona period, this system was closed.


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