Operation of these 58 trains passing through Bihar and UP will be stopped from tomorrow, see full list



Operation of many trains of Moradabad rail route will stop from Wednesday. The operation of 58 trains on this route will be affected from December 1 to February 28. Apart from the Shatabdi running from Delhi to Dehradun, the operation of 46 trains including Janta, Shaheed, Ujjaini, Farakka, Archana, Nauchandi will stop.

In view of the effect of fog on rail operations, the headquarters reshuffles all the trains every year. This time too many trains have been canceled while the duration of some has been reduced. These trains will be canceled for a day or two. Senior DCM Sudhir Kumar Singh says that rail operations will be affected by fog. However, this time the train operation can be changed due to less fog. At present, the main trains of Moradabad route will be canceled and the duration of some will be reduced.

Canceled trains-

Amritsar-Haridwar Shatabdi-2054-54, Barauni-Ambala-04533-34,Amritsar-Lalkua-04683-84,New Delhi-Malda Town-04003-04,Bareilly-Banaras-04235-36,Bareilly-Prayag-04307-08 , Banaras-Dehradun-04265-66, Shaheed Express-04673-74, Amritsar-Gorakhpur-04923-24, Dehradun-Ujjain-04309-10, Yognagri-Prayagraj-04229-30, Kolkata-Nangaldam-02325-26, Kolkata- Amritsar-02357-58, Malda Town-Anand Vihar-03429-30, Nauchandi-01817-18, Lucknow-Chandigarh-05011-12, Anand Vihar-Gorakhpur-05057-58, Kathgodam-Jaisalmair-05013-14, Kamakhya-Bhagat Ki Kothi-05623-24, Dibrugarh-Chandigarh-05903-04, Avadh Assam-05909-10, New Tinsukia-Amritsar-05933-34.

Trains will be canceled for a day or two-

  • Shramjeevi Express- 02391-Monday, 02392-Tuesday
  • Muzaffarpur-Anand Vihar- 02557- Wednesday, 02558- Thursday
  • Danapur-Anand Vihar-Jansadharan- 03257- Thursday, 03258- Friday
  • Dhanbad-Firozpur-Kisan Ex. 03307-Thursday, 03308-Saturday
  • Raxaul-Anand Vihar-Satyagraha- 05273- Thursday, 05274- Friday
  • Varanasi-New Delhi-Kashi World. 05127- Tues,Thu,Saturday,05128- Wed,Fri,Sunday



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