Opposition to construction of depot of Patna Metro, know what is the matter


Metro construction work is going on smoothly in the capital Patna. But the process of land acquisition for the construction of this metro depot is facing opposition. Residents of Pahari village of Ward No. 56 on Wednesday protested against the team of officials who arrived for the construction of Patna Metro Depot. Seeing the protest of the villagers, the officers withdrew. According to the information, the officials had reached the hill village to inspect the site for the construction of the proposed depot of Patna Metro.

Villagers are not ready to give land.

Villagers say that many people have built houses to live in Pahari Mauja and many have taken land to build houses. In such a situation, all the people will be homeless and deprived due to government takeover. The villagers have warned that they will not give land at any cost. After the protest, the officers returned without inspection.

Villagers say that if the government wants to develop the area, then it should be done in Sampatchak, 2 km away from the hill or in the garbage depot of Abdullah Chak Mauja or Ramchak Bauria. Due to which the development of the city will also happen and there will be no opposition from the people.


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