Opposition to construction of second bus stand of Patna, know what is the matter


Farmers have started protesting against the second bus stand being built at Bihta in Patna district, the capital of Bihar. During this, the farmers said that they would give their lives but would not give land to the government. In fact, all the farmers and people of Kanhauli have started protesting against the second bus stand of the district being built in 50 acres of Kanhauli in Bihta of Patna district. They fiercely raised slogans against the government. The farmers clearly say that the government has done wrong with us. The government has decided to acquire all the agricultural land in the village, but not all of us will allow it to happen. The farmers said that from the agricultural land, our entire family is taking care of their family by cultivating for many generations. The life of our family is going on from this land.

At the same time, a farmer of Kanhauli village told that the eyes of the government are always on the poor. All the land that the government is acquiring to build a bus stand is agricultural and fertile land. Along with this, many houses in the village are also being demolished.

The local woman of the village told that the government is only working to kill the poor. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar did not even talk to the farmers before taking the land. Along with agricultural land, many houses in the village will also be demolished. Will never let this happen.

He further told that apart from Kanholi Mauja, there is a lot of land in nearby Bishanpura, Painathi also but the government is not taking the land there because the land has already been acquired by the builder. Our demands are that the 50 acres of land that the government is taking from Kanholi Mauja should be taken back, otherwise we will give our lives.

If the government does not change the decision, there will be a big farmer movement.

It is worth mentioning that in order to reduce the pressure of the bus stand built in Patna, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has decided to build the second bus stand of the district on 50 acres near the Patna Ring Road project near Kanholi in Bihta. This project has also been passed in the cabinet. All the farmers and villagers of Kanholi Mauja are protesting against this decision of the Bihar government. If the government does not listen to the farmers, then in the coming time farmers can decide to organize a big movement.


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