Patliputra Sports Complex: 7 years have passed since its inauguration, but it is not open for the players except on one or two occasions.



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  • 7 Years Have Passed Since The Inauguration, But Did Not Open For The Players Except On One Or Two Occasions.

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7 years have passed since the inauguration but barring one or two occasions, it did not open for the players.  - Dainik Bhaskar

7 years have passed since the inauguration but barring one or two occasions, it did not open for the players.

The restrictions have also been abolished with the second wave of Corona. Players are also allowed to practice in the grounds. Despite this, the weightlifting training center and gym at Patliputra Sports Complex located in Kankarbagh are closed. Not only this, it was found that the gym or weightlifting training center was never open to the players after the inauguration, so the goods bought at the cost of lakhs are rusting.

In the course of investigation, it was shown that the main entrance is locked and through the vial it was shown that dust has settled on the floor. The gym is not working for the players since 8 years and even a year after the inauguration of the Weightlifting Training Center. It was found that training has not even been resumed. There is also no plan to develop this center as an excellence centre. There is also no Eklavya center here.

Whereas the association believes that if the players get the facility of gym and weightlifting training, then the stamina will increase.

There is a lock on the center itself, so how does one go?
Meanwhile, Upendra Kumar, secretary of Patna District Weightlifting Association and treasurer of Bihar Weightlifting Association, said that the gym and weightlifting training center belong to the Department of Art, Culture and Youth. Nothing to do with association. By the way, if our weightlifters or sportspersons associated with other sports get the facility to exercise in the gym, then their stamina will increase and muscle anger will be less during the competition.

The level of performance will also be better. According to the rules, any player can do gym, only he has to get admission there. But, the center itself is locked, so where does one go? By the way, free training is given to weightlifters of Patna at Rock Gym in Danapur and Rajapur.

Registration required for training
District Sports Officer Sanjay Kumar said that preparations are on to start the training center. A proposal has been sent for the reinstatement of the instructor. But, along with registration for training, players will have to pay a fee of Rs 100 every month.

Training center will open soon, preparation is going on

  • The gym is not functional yet, but the Weightlifting Training Center at Patliputra Sports Complex will be made operational soon. There are a lot of equipments out there. Its preparation is going on. After the commissioning of this center, the weightlifters of Patna will get a lot of convenience. Sanjay Sinha, Sports Director, Art Culture and Youth Department

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