Patna-Buxar and Hydaria will be connected by Purvanchal Expressway, now the journey from Patna to Delhi will be completed in just 6 hours..



Desk: The people of Bihar are constantly getting new gifts in the matter of road. In the past, in a few days, approval was given for the construction of 5 new expressways, now the day is not far when the roads to Bihar will also shine like a hi-tech city, tell that a new news is coming out that Patna-Buxar The construction of four lane and Buxar-Hydaria four lane road will be completed by 2023.

Journey from Patna to Delhi in just 6 hours.. Let us tell that due to the formation of both these four lanes, the residents of Patna will get a lot of convenience in going to Delhi, it will be easy to go to Lucknow-Agra-Noida and Delhi via Purvanchal Expressway via Patna-Ara-Buxar-Bharauli-Hydaria, from Patna. Delhi can be reached in 6 hours,

It is to be said that traveling in such a short time will give a lot of benefits to the traders, as well as increase the speed of better transport, will also help in developing socially and economically the areas around the road, and agriculture, commerce, Tourism and other development will also be encouraged. According to media reports, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had recently agreed to build a four-lane NH from Buxar to Hydaria in a length of about 17 km (KM).

According to the information, the DPR of this road is being prepared, as soon as the approval of the Center is received, the construction of the road will start in the beginning of the new year by selecting the construction agency through tender, this road is under construction in Hydaria from Purvanchal Expressway. Along with this, the construction work of four lane NH is going on fast in a length of about 125 km from Patna to Buxar.


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