People will soon get relief from traffic jams in Bihar, know what is the government’s plan


The state government has taken an important initiative to get rid of the jam in Bihar. Regarding this, the Home Department has given strict orders to all the Divisional Commissioners and Range IG-DIG. These officers have been given the responsibility that wherever there is a problem of jam in their jurisdiction, study it and prepare a detailed action plan and implement it effectively so that the state gets rid of the problem of jam.

On the instructions of the Home Department, it has been marked in the districts where the problem of jam is more. Its list was also received by the department in the past. In this sequence, the department has now directed that the Divisional Commissioner and the IG-DIG of the concerned range hold a meeting together. Get a joint study of the jam and prepare a concrete action plan to deal with it. The DM-SP should also be informed about this and give necessary instructions to them.

The department has given clear instructions that the problem of jam is to be solved, it should be ensured. So that there is no problem in the movement of people. People can reach their destination on time. Along with this, it is also directed that what steps have been taken to get rid of the jam, its report should also be sent to the department. The problem of traffic jams in various districts of the state is also being monitored from the level of the Home Department.

The matter is also being raised in the Legislature

It is to be known that the issues of traffic jam have been raised in various sessions of the legislatures as well. The direction to take steps in this regard was also given by the Legislative Council to the Home Department. Many Legislative Councilors of the state had raised the problem of jam in the council. Honorables had said that the common people are constantly facing the problem of jam. This problem has been raised before the Chairman under Calling Attention Motion and also during Zero Hour.

After the request of the honorable, in July itself, the Home Department had asked the districts for measures to solve it. All DMs and SSPs were asked to prepare an action plan for this. Along with this, action was also directed on it, but till the last week of November, neither any action plan nor any action report was given from any district. Now the Home Department has sought answers from all the DMs and SSPs on this.

Once again a report has been sought from everyone for the cause of the jam and its permanent solution. Now the Home Department has shown strictness on the jams on the main roads of the cities as well as on the inner roads. The districts are also directed to see that even due to encroachment, there is no jam. Wherever there is encroachment, remove it as soon as possible. Also, take action against those who are responsible for this. To avoid further encroachment, keep running the campaign continuously.


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