Railway played a wonderful game with the youth of Bihar, knowing you will also be shocked


There was a waiting game with the family who made the reservation of Shalimar in West Bengal from Patna. By the day of the journey, their waiting increased instead of decreasing. 3 people had to travel on this ticket. During the reservation, they got waiting from 1 to 3. It increased from 4 to 6 in 48 hours. Passengers immediately reported the matter to the railway authorities through social media. After this, the complaint was also lodged by phone.

Ticket was made on 23 November

Ravi Bajaj had made a reservation on 23 November to go from Patna to Shalimar. Ruby and Malishka were to go with them. All three had made reservations in the third AC bogie of Duronto Express. The waiting list was 1, 2 and 3 during the reservation. Ravi Bajaj says that he had full hope that the waiting would be confirmed in any case. His train was to leave on November 25. Ravi was shocked when he saw the ticket status a day before on Wednesday. Waiting increased instead of clearing. 4 to 6 waiting started appearing in the status.

Complaint after watching waiting

Ravi told this to his relative Naresh. He tweeted to the railway officials to inform about the matter. Naresh told that this is the first time this has happened to him, when the waiting has increased instead of decreasing. We have complained to the railway authorities that caution should be exercised in such matters. This is causing a lot of trouble to the passengers.


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