Roads to be made of plastic in Bihar will start from this district, the company will give 6 rupees for one kg of plastic


Now the road will be made of plastic. For this, polythene bags will be collected from house to house. In lieu of plastic, the company will pay the people at the rate of six rupees per kg. Recycle bank will open in five wards of the city. The company will start work in the month of December.

An exercise will be started to make the urban area free from plastic. In the modern era, the use of plastic and carry bags has increased. The amount of plastic waste in the city is about 225 kg per 250 metric tonnes per day. Due to this the drainage of the drain is affected and the cattle are also choking. The corporation has made full preparations to deal with the plastic products which are becoming dangerous for the environment. The private company will now manage the municipal plastic waste. No fee will be charged from the corporation for this. Yashfull Circle Company of Singapore is working in Delhi and Varanasi. Bhagalpur will be the first district in Bihar where the company will start work from December. The work will start as soon as the approval is received from the board of the corporation.

The street will get rid of plastic waste

Now the residents of the city do not need to throw plastic and carry bags in the dustbin. After bringing the material in the carrybag, instead of throwing it in the garbage, now keep it with you. The company will buy it at the rate of Rs 6 per kg. With this, the street will get rid of plastic waste.

Will start from five wards of Bhagalpur

In the first phase for the plastic free city campaign, the company will start work from five wards. In this, work has to be done on a pilot basis in Wards 21, 18, 20, 22 and 38. In these wards, the representatives of the company will go from door to door and collect the waste. There will be a company counter in these wards, where people will be able to deposit plastic. This counter has been named as Recycle Bank.

The product will be ready from plastic

Road construction will also be done using the plastic scattered in the city. The plastic material will be sent to cement kilns, waste to power plants and fuel plants as well as recyclable plastic waste to processing plants. Automatic and hand baling machines will be installed in Bhagalpur to prepare bundles of plastic. For this, it has been proposed to provide land from the corporation.

App will be available

A digital platform has also been prepared for the convenience of the people in the urban area. An app has also been prepared for the city dweller. Due to which people will not need to go to the recycling bank counter. This will be the first city in Bihar where the company’s team will go door-to-door to collect plastic. People will have to download the app and write a call and message on it. Through which people will give information and upliftment will also happen.


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