Roads will be made of plastic waste in many districts of Bihar, every house will collect plastic, know what is the plan » Patna News


The Bihar government has taken a big exercise to make the districts of Bihar plastic free. Let us inform that in 1 district of Bihar, a road will be constructed from plastic. This concept will be quite unique. Along with this, if it is successful, then roads will be constructed from plastic in other districts of Bihar as well. Let us tell you that after the construction of this road, where one more pollution will get rid of plastic, for the construction of this road, the municipal corporation will collect the products related to plastic from the homes of the people and give them a fair price.

According to the information, a road will be made from plastic in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. For this, 250 metric tonnes of plastic would be required as would be collected from the houses of the people by the Municipal Corporation. The work of municipal plastic waste management will be given to a private company after which this work will start. At the same time, work on this project will start in Bhagalpur from the month of December.

It is being told that Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation will do the work of collecting plastic from people’s homes. For this, people have to buy plastic at the rate of ₹ 6 per kg. In the first phase, the company will start work from five wards. In this, work has to be done on a pilot basis in Wards 21, 18, 20, 22 and 38. The company’s representative will collect the waste from house to house. There will be a company counter in these wards, where people will be able to deposit plastic.

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