Seeing the black groom, the bride ran away from the garland, refused to marry, said – Hi Ram, this is black! The procession returned from the door..



Desk: In our Indian society, marriage is considered as a sacrament, because in Hinduism, once the marriage is done with a bride and groom, it lasts for ages, but, in the present time, marriage is also becoming modern. That is, some time ago, boys were not against their parents because of the girl’s marriage, no matter what the circumstances, with whom they got married, the girl had to live with him,

But in the modern era, marriage is taking place not by virtue but by form, it must have sounded a bit strange to hear, but the reality is this, because the latest such case has come from East Champaran district of Bihar, where the girl filled the wedding dresses. In between, he refused to put Jaymala around the boy’s neck from the stage of Jayamala, because he was not fair but black. After this incident, there was silence and the people who came in the procession returned without eating. While explained the whole night to the family of the girl, but she remained firm on her decision.

Whether Whatever happens, we will not marry this guy: Let us inform that this case was on Sunday in Gaighat village of Harsiddhi police station area of ​​East Champaran district. Everything was going according to the schedule. The baraat came on time and the door opened too. The people of the bride’s side welcomed him. After this the ritual of Jaimala was started. The bride was brought on stage. Till this time everything was going well. When the bride was asked to put a garland around the groom’s neck, she refused to do so.

After that there was silence. Some people did not even understand the matter. Meanwhile, the bride’s relatives tried to convince her to handle the situation, but she did not listen. When asked the reason, she said that she would not marry a black colored groom. What was it then, the people who came in the procession started slipping from there foot-to-feet.

The barati had to return without eating food: After this incident the pavilion became empty. The bride was also taken home from the stage. There too everyone cried out for respect and asked her to reconsider her decision, but she remained adamant. Thus this marriage could not take place. Soon this news spread in the whole village. As many words as you can. Some are talking about the love affair of the girl, while some are telling the mistake of her parents. Any influence of western civilization. However, the talk of fair complexion and pride on it has come to an end and is also going away.


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