Seized vehicles will be auctioned at low price in Bihar, know full details



In case of violation of the prohibition law, the seized vehicles will be auctioned at a very low price. In this regard, the Additional Chief Secretary of the department has written a letter to the DM giving instructions. Since the imposition of prohibition in April 2016, about 55,000 vehicles have been seized so far. Out of this, only 9,706 vehicles have been auctioned, resulting in revenue of about 62 crores. In such a situation, the department has directed the DMs of all the districts to auction the seized vehicles at the earliest.

KK Pathak has written in the letter that if no buyers are coming in the auction of vehicles, then its value will have to be reduced and it will have to be reduced so that people participate in the auction and buy such vehicles. If the vehicle is valued at the market rate, then naturally people will not come to the auction and buy the vehicle from the market itself. He clarified that the main purpose of auction of vehicles under the Excise Act is not to collect revenue, but the auction is done as a penalty. It has also been directed that if the vehicle is not auctioned even after giving three auction notices and reducing the price, then it should be auctioned ‘as is’.

More than half the two wheelers

According to departmental information, more than half of the seized vehicles are two wheelers. Talking about the figures, only the Prohibition and Excise Department has seized 10,736 vehicles. There are 6,560 two wheelers, while the number of other vehicles including three wheelers, four wheelers and trucks is 4,176. In the year 2021 till the month of October, 2,887 vehicles have been seized, in which 1630 are two wheelers and 1257 other vehicles.

125 cars caught in October-November

Talking about the last two months, the Prohibition and Excise Department seized more than 500 vehicles involved in liquor smuggling in the month of October-November only. There were more than 125 cars and four wheelers in it, while about 50 trucks were caught. Apart from this, the number of two wheelers was also around 300. Around 50 three wheelers have also been caught.

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