Smart public transport stand will be built in these 10 places of Patna, now the buses will stop at the stand itself .. know



Desk: The central government had entrusted the project of making various cities of Bihar smart cities in the last several years. But in the last 5 years, some city construction work has been done and some are left incomplete, due to this, another new beginning is going to happen in the city to make Patna, the capital of Bihar, also a smart city.

Let us tell you that to make Patna smart, now 10 Hi-Tech Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) stands are being constructed here, passengers will get shed and seating facility on these stands, as well as Quran, Display. Boards and other arrangements will also be made, all this work will be done under Smart City Project.

The officer said: Giving information, the Public Relations Officer of this project, Harshita said that soon these smart public transport stands will be visible in Patna, the people of Patna will get a lot of benefits due to the start of the bus stand, now the passengers will get the vehicles on the stand itself. , He further said that the number of rickshaws, e-rickshaws and autos has also increased rapidly in the last few years, often the drivers of these vehicles stop the vehicles on the road to pick up and drop off the passengers.

Road accident will be curbed: In this way, the traffic system on the road is disrupted, as well as the situation of accident also persists, it becomes necessary to ensure a fixed place on the road for these vehicles, for this purpose in the pre-determined area based development by Patna Smart City Limited. IPT stands are being constructed at total 10 sites.

This special facility will be available at these places of Patna: Let us tell you that the construction work of this scheme will be done in selected places in the capital Patna, such as: – GPO Golambara of Patna, Chidiyatad Bridge, Bihar Intermediate Council-1, Bihar Intermediate Council-2, Planetarium, Gardiner Hospital, Bans Ghat, DM Awas Gandhi The facility of smart vehicle stand will be started in Maidan, Gate No.-5 Jamal Road area, now passengers will be seated and alighted at the designated stand in these areas,


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