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The speed of transport in Bihar is continuously increasing. In Bihar, projects related to e-transportation are being constructed continuously in Bihar, after which it is believed that in the coming time, Bihar will develop as a big state in the form of transport. In this episode, road projects of two cities of Bihar will be constructed. After which the picture of both these places will change. According to the information, there is a plan to renovate and widen 24 roads of Hajipur, while tender has also been issued for six major roads of Ara city.

Giving information in this regard, Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen said that for the widening and renovation of roads, the Urban Development and Housing Department will do it through the Road Construction Department. He said that all the proposals sent from Hajipur have been approved on priority basis. After this, while giving information, local MLA Awadhesh Singh said that a proposal was sent for the construction of more than two dozen roads, which has been given the green signal. Work on this is expected to start soon.

It is being told that from Anwarpur Chowk to Cinema Road, Rajendra Chowk, Gudri Thana Chowk, RCD Road Kargil Chowk to Ram Balak Chowk, Yadav Chowk to Dak Bungalow RCD Road in Hajipur city. RCD road from Konhara Mor to Konhara Ghat. RCD road from Shivji Dwar to Ram Balak Chowk. A total of 22 roads including NH road Gardiya Chowk to Meenapur Neem Chowk will be renovated and widened.

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