The biggest gallery of Bihar Museum is ready, know – when will it be open for tourists ..



Desk: The people of Bihar are going to get a new gift again, this time the gift is not related to development, but is related to beauty and natural heritage, yes.. we are talking about Bihar Museum, which is very much in itself. It is magnificent, but in the meantime, let us tell you that the Bihar Museum is the most unique and in itself the only museum of international scale, here you will get to see art, galleries, natural heritage, big monuments along with history.

What will be featured in the gallery: But in the meantime, news is coming that the biggest gallery ever in the Bihar Museum is ready. Which will become the main attraction of the biggest Gallery A visitors. Let us tell you that this gallery is bigger and more attractive than all the galleries of the museum. It has 62 different exhibits. It deals with the history of Jainism, Buddhism to Maurya along with history before and after the Gupta period. The main attraction of the same gallery are the Barabar Caves of Jehanabad, the Torana Gate, the Cyclopean Wall of Rajgir, the replica of the Kalinga War, the Pavapuri Water Temple.

Know- when will it be open for tourists: For information, let us tell you that this gallery is completely ready. Some artifacts are being installed in Showcase. It will also be ready by December. Some artifacts will be installed by German artisans. He will be there when they come. German artisans are not able to come due to non-availability of visa due to Corona. The museum administration is trying to open Gallery A for the general audience on the New Year. A decision will be taken when the gallery is ready.


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