The cheapest fuel in the country will run on hydrogen, how much mileage will Janiya give in 1 kg and what will be the price



Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that a vehicle running on Green Hydrogen has arrived in the country. Gadkari said that it can be delivered by the end of December. He said that it will be used as a pilot project. Gadkari said that this vehicle will run for 180 km in one kilo. Nitin Gadkari said that by treating the dirty water in Nagpur, more than three hundred crores are benefitted. The government is going to start the project of making green hydrogen from sewer water. He said that now the dirty water will also be used for solar power. Along with this, the cost of hydrogen will be Rs 50-60 per kg, the cheapest fuel will be made. Clean energy will be created by using solar power along with water.

Gadkari said that at present it will take time to build a hydrogen filling station. A hydrogen car will cost 70-80 paise per kilometer. Along with this, bio-CNG from stubble will not only become farmer’s feeder, but also energy provider. Nitin Gadkari said that in two years the price of petrol car and electric vehicle will be equal. He said that the government is preparing to bring Flex engine in two years.

Less engine running costs less

Describing the achievements of the Modi government, Gadkari said that it used to take four and a half hours to reach Delhi from Meerut, but now people say that it takes 40 minutes. That is, the engine which used to run for four and a half hours, is now running for 40 minutes. Along with this, he said that when the engine of your car will run less, then the expenses will also reduce. He said that there is no harm in paying toll tax instead of saving on fuel.



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