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A 2.9 km elevated road will be constructed from Nooruddin Ghat to Dharamshala Ghat on the Patna City side of the Dream Project Loknayak Ganga Path of the capital Patna. It is being told that a separate tender will be issued for this, after which the total cost of Loknayak Ganga Path will be close to 300 crores. Explain that out of the total length of 19.9 km of Loknayak Ganga Path, it is not possible to build a road on the dam due to continuous change of flow in the river Ganga in a distance of 2.9 km from Nuruddin Ghat to Dharamshala Ghat. That is why elevated road will be constructed here. Suggestions have been taken from the experts of IIT-Roorkee for its construction.

Let us inform that the Professor of Hydrological Department, Roorkee, along with the officials of Bihar State Bridge Corporation, conducted a site survey from Nuruddin Ghat to Dharamshala Ghat and did a thorough review of the erosion caused by the flow of river Ganga. After which a consensus has been reached on building an elevated road here. Talking about the construction work of Loknayak Ganga Path, the foundation work of Payon has been completed in 2 km from Naujar Ghat to Didarganj in Patna City area of ​​Loknayak Ganga Path. Now the work of superstructure is about to start. At the same time, the work of foundation and substructure in PMCH connectivity part has been completed and the work of superstructure is starting.

The foundation stone of Lok Nayak Ganga Path was laid by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in 2013. So far, 1100 crores has been spent for this project, while an additional arrangement of two thousand crores has been made by the Asian Cooperative Society. In the beginning of Ganga Path, a 5 meter green belt and 5 meter wide walking track will be constructed along the road along the road at a distance of 5.90 km from Digha side. Let us tell you that for this, 5.9 km of land will be built from Digha to AN Sinha Institute.

Along with this, Ganga Path will be constructed from AN Sinha to Nuruddin Ghat, 0.5 km from Nuruddin Ghat to Didarganj checkpost (2.9 km and from Radidarganj Darganj checkpost to Gopghat. Along with Ganga river for religious and social work of common citizens). Underpasses are being constructed at a total of 13 places to reach the banks of the state along with two toll plazas near Bans Ghat and Didarganj Check Post Dharamshala Ghat in Patna.


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