The country’s largest gold reserves in this district of Bihar, know about 44% of the country’s total gold in Bihar » Patna News



Bihar has been called a poor state from the beginning, but now soon Bihar is going to be rich, yes because Bihar has the highest gold reserves in the country, where is this thing said by Union Mining Minister Pahlad Joshi himself. For information, let me tell you that Pahlad Joshi, while answering the question of Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, said that these resources of gold in Bihar are classified as UN Frame Classification Code-333 (128.88 million tonnes containing 21.6 tonnes of metal) and code- 334 (94 million tonnes containing 16 tonnes of metal). The minister said that in the last five years, GSI has done preliminary survey in West Champaran and Gaya. But the average concentration of gold here is low.

For information, let me tell you that this Sonbhandar is located in Jamui district of Bihar. Sono Block The country’s largest gold reserves are located in the Karmatia area. Where 44% of the country’s gold is available alone. Now in such a situation, after this thing is stamped, there is a wave of happiness among the people of this area. For information, let me tell you that Karvatia area of ​​Churhat Panchayat of Son block of Jamui district has been in discussion about gold reserves for many decades, it was known when 15 years ago many people of government agency came here and surveyed for months. It was detected. The same local people also say that from a young age, they have been seeing that bright minerals are found in the soil within a radius of 8 km. Now when the government has said that there is a stock of gold here, then due to mining, employment will increase for the local people, as well as Bihar and Jamui will become more prosperous.


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