The effect of Hurricane Jawad will also be seen in Bihar, know in which districts it will be affected



The low pressure area formed in the Bay of Bengal and the Jawad storm can also show its effect in Bihar. This storm will not reach Bihar, but the effect of the seasonal changes due to it can be seen. Due to this storm, strong winds are possible in some parts of the state. Along with this, there will also be a risk of light rain and thunderstorms. Such a possibility has been expressed in the National Weather Forecast. The impact of this storm will be more visible in Jharkhand and Bengal. At present, cold is gradually increasing in Bihar. Fog and haze conditions persist in the morning. Due to this morning traffic is also getting affected.

The effect of fog is visible

The effect of fog has also started in Patna, Purnia and some parts of the state. Gaya remained the coldest city in the state with a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Patna was 12. According to Patna Meteorological Center, the flow of east and north east wind continues up to 1.5 km above sea level. Due to this, the weather will remain dry in the state for two-three days. However, in the next few days, there is a possibility of rain in some parts of the state.

It will be partly cloudy in the morning with haze

According to the Meteorological Center of Patna, it will be partly cloudy with fog in the morning. There will be no significant change in the minimum temperature. On December 5, there is a possibility of light rain in parts of the eastern part of the state. Changes will be seen in the weather of the state with east and northeast wind. Now gradually the effect of cold will increase in the state. It is expected that by December 15, the cold will be in full swing.

  • Cold rising with fog in the morning, chances of further drizzle
  • It was the coldest city in the state with 10.0 degree Celsius.
  • Patna’s minimum temperature was recorded at 12 degree Celsius

During the last 24 hours, the weather in the state remained dry with a slight drop in the minimum temperature. The minimum temperature in South Bihar was recorded between 10-12 degrees Celsius and in the northern part 14-16 degrees Celsius. Partial increase in maximum temperature was observed during 24 hours.

Maximum and minimum temperatures of major cities of Bihar

Patna 27.8 12.0

Gaya 26.4 10.0

Bhagalpur 27.0 15.0

Muzaffarpur 27.0 15.0

Motihari 29.0 15.0



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