The effect of storm in Bihar may rain in many parts of Bihar from tomorrow, know the warning of the Meteorological Department » Patna News



Jawad storm will hit Odisha and its adjoining coastal areas on December 5, due to which its effect will be seen on Odisha and its surrounding areas as well as Jharkhand Bihar Although it is possible that the clouds will remain over the entire state, during this time strong wind will blow and the weather has been predicted to become even colder.

According to the information received by the Meteorological Department, IMD, no specific warning has been issued regarding the storm Jawad. It depends on the speed of the storm, however for Bihar, the IMD has predicted that the weather in Bihar will continue to change from December 5 to 7, and especially in many areas of North Bihar, the possibility of rain has also been expressed by the IMD. However, no forecast has been made by IMD on which districts of North Bihar will receive rain.


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