The journey from Sasaram to Patna will be completed in 2.5 hours, by the end of 2022, the construction of a magnificent four-lane .. know- route



News Desk: Good news has come out for the people of North Bihar district. Especially, there is good news for those traveling from Sasaram-Ara to Patna. Let us tell you that it takes about 5 to 6 hours to go from Sasaram to Patna, but now it will not happen, now the journey will be completed in just 6 hours. Because by the end of next year 2022, the construction of a four-lane road will start from Patna to Sasaram via Ara. The process has accelerated.

According to the information, preliminary action for land acquisition has been completed in Bhojpur district. After the Panchayat elections i.e. by December 31, the report prepared will be sent to the Patna office of NHAI. Some land of 40 villages will be taken for four lane. The Circle Officers of Piro, Tarari, Gadhani, Charpokhari and Udwantnagar have prepared a detailed report of Khata, Khesra and Area. At the same time, the report of the nature of the land has been prepared by the Land Acquisition Department.

According to the department, 164.747 hectares of land of 40 villages will be taken for road construction work. In Bhejpur district, the four-lane road will pass through Tarari, Udvatnagar to Chandi. According to the Land Acquisition Department, the provisional report has just been made. This road will pass through the east side of the railway line going from Ara to Sasaram. After getting its approval, it will be published in the land acquisition related gazette.

After this, the 3B report in the name of the ryot will be prepared. Lastly, the 3 C report is prepared to give compensation. With the construction of the proposed road, Arrah will get rid of the jam. This saw will pass outside the city. Due to this, vehicles going to Patna from the southern part of the district will go towards Patna without passing through Ara city. This will reduce the traffic load on Ara city.


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