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In the coming time, there will be a big change in the rules of land purchase and sale in Bihar. The Bihar government has prepared a master plan for this. It is being speculated that a separate view will also be presented for this in the winter session of the current Bihar Legislative Assembly. After being passed by the assembly, it will take the form of a law and completely change the system of purchase and sale of land in Bihar. It is being told that with the purchase and sale of land, the map will also change. For this, the Bihar government is going to start the system of special mutation.

According to the information, in the ongoing winter session in Bihar, the amendment bill rejected by the Bihar government will be introduced in the house. After which in the new system, with the purchase and sale, Amin will go to the plot and divide it according to the buyer of the plot related to the land map software. Along with this, the rest of the process for this work will be completed in the zone by making its pre mutation sketch. After the purchase and sale of the same land, the map of the village will also be updated. After the completion of the process, the plot of the plot will be given along with the corrigendum. After this arrangement, there will be complete information about the boundary of every land.

It is being told that after this new change being made by the government, it will help in reducing the land dispute. If there is correct information about the same land, mutual disputes will be reduced and people will not be able to become victims of fraud in the matter of land. Along with this, if a person sells a part of his plot, then his map will also be available with mutation.


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