The way for the construction of these 5 SHs of Bihar has been cleared, the loan has been approved.. Know where the construction work will be done



Desk: On the lines of the National Highway Development Project of the Central Government, it is going to work on the development of roads in Bihar. Under this, important state roads will be developed in turn. The way has been paved for taking loan from Asian Development Bank ADB for Bihar State Highway (SH) Project Phase-2, work is to be done on 2680 crore plan under State Highway Project II.

The construction work of these state highways will be done: The roads which the state government is going to construct with the loan amount are as follows, SH-95 (Mansi-Simri Bakhtiyarpur Road), SH-98 (Katihar-Balrampur Road), SH-99 (Bayasi-Bahadurganj- Dighal Bank) Path), SH-101 (Amba-Dev-Madanpur Path), SH-103 (Manjhawe-Govindpur Path) and SH-105 (Bettiah-Narkatiyaganj Path) to be constructed with Asian Development Bank funding.

ADB gave $329 million loan: Let us tell you that the total cost of all these road projects is estimated to be around 2680 crores, for this ADB will give a loan of about $329 million to the Government of India, all the projects will be implemented by Bihar State Road Development Corporation Limited, Department of Economic Affairs. In the course of review by GoI, talks were held on land acquisition. As per the guidelines of the DEA, at least 80% of the land will need to be acquired.

It will be easy to travel to these places: Let us tell you that due to the construction of these roads, there will be a lot of convenience in the traffic, the distance from one place to another will also be reduced. With the construction of SH-95, it will be easy to go from Mansi to Saharsa. Because the distance of 200 km will be reduced. With the creation of the same SH-98, it will be very easy to travel from East Bihar to North West Bengal. At the same time, with the formation of state SH-99, there will be convenience in commuting from remote district Kishanganj to other places of Bihar through NH-30, NH-327 and Indo-Nepal border road.


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