This lake of Bihar is being built, where there will be many facilities like floating restaurant, know where construction is going on » Patna News


By the way, many such constructions are being made to promote tourism in Bihar, after which more and more tourists will be able to come to Bihar. Meanwhile, under the smart city scheme in Bihar, a magnificent lake will be developed as a park by making it even more hi-tech, where many such great facilities will be provided, after which this lake will look very attractive in itself.

For information, let me tell you that this lake is located in the middle of the city of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, it is also known as Sikanderpur Mana. Where there will be many great facilities. According to the DPR of Smart City, massive work is to be done in the mind beautification plan. A path will be made for a walk with flower beds around it. Seating stands will be made at different places to sit in the middle of the park. There will be a floating restaurant with a musical fountain. Where the townspeople will be able to spend the Mastani evening. There will be a boat ride for the children.

The mind can be visited by boat. A road will be built around the mind. Marine Drive Road is also to be developed. It is to be made of double lane. Sikandarpur Mana, opposite Juran Chhapra and Brahmapura Mana will be linked together. By passing a boat under the bridge, all parts of the mind can be reached. Let me tell you that the work of beautification of Sikandar Kumar has been started.

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