This railway station of Bihar will be given a new look, will have facilities like airport


The Ministry of Railways is going to give a new look to Muzaffarpur Junction. Now people will get all the facilities like airport here. For this the existing structure of Muzaffarpur Junction will be demolished and a new building will be constructed. The new building will have modern facilities. At Muzaffarpur railway station, one of the busiest railway stations in Bihar, passengers will get all the facilities that have been available at the airport till now.

This station is included in the A1 category railway station, but on the basis of the increasing number of trains passing through here, the demand to modernize it was made many times by the common people. In such a situation, the Railway Land Development Authority sent a letter on January 29, 2021, demanding a proposal. A proposal was also sent on October 12, 2020, but due to the lockdown and other technical reasons, much progress could not be made on this proposal.

Now Indian Railways has planned to redevelop and modernize Muzaffarpur Junction under the Railway Development Program, for which a provision of about Rs 110 crore has been made. This redevelopment and modernization includes expansion of the station, separate air-conditioned waiting rooms for passengers, further improvement of Wi-Fi facilities, multifunctional complex and multi-storey building with refurbishment of the old building and multi-storey parking in its premises. Is.

To make the station walls attractive, it will be decorated with royal litchi and Mithila paintings. Due to the modernization of this station, about four lakh passengers will be directly benefited. Muzaffarpur railway station comes under Sonpur division of Central Eastern Railway of Indian Railways.

All trains passing through here stop here. Muzaffarpur railway station is included in the important hundred stations of Indian Railways in terms of booking tickets, while Sonpur is the first in the division to collect the highest revenue.

Note: The picture is fictional.


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