This station of Bihar earns the most money in the entire state and gives it to the railways, see where is the station in your city.



Saharsa again occupies the 13th position in the list of top 30 stations with high revenue of East Central Railway. Patna Junction is again occupied in the top ie the first place. Danapur is again on the second place, Muzaffarpur on the third, Deendayal Upadhyay on the fourth and Darbhanga Junction on the fifth.

Gaya station, which was ranked 12th in the previous list, has jumped six numbers to the sixth position this time. This time the ranking of Samastipur Junction has improved. has dropped from nine to seventh. On the other hand, Dhanbad has moved up one number to the eighth position. The Rajendranagar terminal of Patna district has slipped a notch to the ninth position.

Patliputra station, which is in seventh place of Patna, is at 14th place this time. Buxar, which is on the eleventh position, is on the tenth place and Arrah in the eleventh place this time. Barauni, who lives below Saharsa, has moved up a notch to number 12. The name of Anugrah Narayan Road station is at the bottom of the top 30.

Let us inform that on the basis of the revenue received in five months from April 1 to September 30, 2021 from the sale of reserved and unreserved tickets, the Railways has released the list of top 30 stations. In response to RTI sought by a person named Rajesh Kumar Singh, Deputy CCM Yatri Suvidha, East Central Railway Headquarters has provided the list of top 30 stations with high revenue.

Hajipur, Kiul, Motihari and Khagaria stations below Saharsa

Patliputra, Hajipur, Koderma, Dehri on Sone, Kiyul, Bapudham Motihari and Sasaram stations are below the thirteenth occupied Saharsa station. Madhubani, Khagaria, Sonpur, Bettiah, Jaynagar, Begusarai, Raxaul, Bagaha and Sakri stations are below 20th ranked Sasaram.

Begusarai station reached number four up

Begusarai was at the bottom of the list of top 30 stations of East Central Railway released for the year from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021. This time, Begusarai has jumped four places to 26th position in the list of top stations of East Central Railway released from April 1 to September 30, 2021.

If the train increased, more than 25 crore revenue in five months

The number of trains increased and due to the pickup season, the railway revenue from ticket sales of Saharsa station reached Rs 25 crore 18 lakh 27 thousand 445 within five months. 24 crore 29 lakh 79 thousand 690 rupees were received from the sale of reserved tickets and 88 lakh 47 thousand 755 rupees from unreserved tickets.

A look at the revenue received by the stations

On the top of the list of getting the highest revenue, the revenue of Patna Junction from April 1 to September 30, 2021 was Rs 202 crore 45 lakh 52 thousand 962. Seven crore 24 lakh 4 thousand 237 rupees were received from Anugrah Narayan Road station, which was ranked at the bottom of the top 30. 108 crore 75 lakh 65 thousand 200 from Danapur Junction, 84 crore 99 lakh 78 thousand 368 from Muzaffarpur, 68 crore 26 lakh 19 thousand 40 from Deendayal Upadhyay and Rs 57 crore 78 lakh 4 thousand 782 from Darbhanga.

56 crore 22 lakh 48 thousand 738 from Gaya, 45 crore 39 lakh 78 thousand 948 from Samastipur, 44 crore 89 lakh 95 thousand 390 from Dhanbad, 43 crore 45 lakh 78 thousand 112 from Rajendranagar terminal, 33 crore 23 lakh 91 thousand 968 from Buxar , from Ara 28 crore 89 lakh 60 thousand 441, from Barauni 26 crore 85 lakh one thousand 155, from Patliputra 23 crore 41 lakh 90 thousand 744, from Hajipur 20 crore 47 lakh 67 thousand 656, from Koderma 14 crore 50 lakh 703, Dehri 13 crore 97 lakh 27 thousand 507 from On Sone, 13 crore 68 lakh 15 thousand 142 from Kiyul, 12 crore 45 lakh 93 thousand 768 from Bapudham Motihari, 11 crore 1 lakh 29 thousand 320 from Sasaram, 10 crore 68 lakh 21 thousand from Madhubani 444 received revenue.

which station at what number

1. Patna

2. Danapur

3. Muzaffarpur

4. Deendayal Upadhyay

5. Darbhanga

6. Gaya

7. Samastipur

8. Dhanbad

9. Rajendranagar Terminal

10. Buxar

11. Jigsaw

12. Eyelash

13. Saharsa

14. Pataliputra

15. Hajipur

16. Koderma

17. Dehri On Son

18. Kiul

19. Bapudham Motihari

20. Sasaram

21. Madhubani

22. Khagaria

23. Sonepur

24. Bettiah

25. Jayanagar

26. Begusarai

27. Raxaul

28. Bagaha

29. Sakari

30. Anugrah Narayan Road



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