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If you also live in Bihar or you are coming to Bihar from somewhere, then you should definitely enjoy Buxar’s famous sweet Magistrate Sweets once. Please tell that this sweet is made only in the special village of Buxar. Its biggest feature is that only 2 people make sweets to make sweets. Along with this, the sweet makers here have been preparing this special sweet for almost 40 years. There is a huge demand for this sweet in many other states like Bihar, UP and Jharkhand.

Let us tell you that on both sides of Sarenja village situated on Buxar-Cochas main road, magisterial sweets are seen being made on low flame of wood. Earlier it was famous in the vicinity of the village, but gradually it got on the tongue of the people and its fragrance has reached not only in the district but also in other states. The reason for its discussion is not only the taste but also the name. Rarely do you get to eat a sweet named Magistrate anywhere. Many people of the district are aware of it because of its name and taste. It is made in two hut-like shops of Sarenja village. Along with this, the magistrate sweet is made from milk. Please tell that on burning 5 liters of milk, one KG of sweets is made. Which sells a pav for 75 rupees. By the way, its price is Rs 300 per kg. It is pure. So weeks are not bad. At the same time, the price of one piece of it has been kept at Rs 15.

According to the information, shopkeeper Gorakh Gupta told that earlier it was started by father-in-law Rajeshwar Prasad. Due to the ill health of his father, he is now handling the business. Being not very expensive, it is easily sold as soon as it is made. Although there are thousands of sweet shops in Buxar, but this sweet is prepared in only two shops in Sarenja village of the district.

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