This work will have to be done to stay in the hotels of Bihar! Otherwise, you will not be able to get the room, know –



Desk: Patna Police has come up with a new trick to make strict law on prohibition of liquor, this can put some restraint on the prohibition law. In fact, Patna Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal has ordered in a review meeting with the officers of the division, that now the customers in the state will have to fill the declaration form of not drinking alcohol before taking the hotel, many more instructions have been given in the meeting and You have been asked to strictly follow these instructions.

For information, let us tell you that the prohibition law is ensured in public places as well as places made for marriage ceremonies, for this, CCTV cameras will be installed in every circle in the division in Patna, its effective monitoring will also be done. So that people will not be able to consume alcohol. In such a situation, people will no longer be able to drink alcohol mixed with cold drinks in the wedding ceremonies held in hotels, if caught doing so, there is a provision of severe punishment, the instruction also states that CCTV cameras will have to be kept working at all times so that On receiving the complaint, after checking its footage, action can be taken against the guilty.

Let us tell you that the hotel owners have also been told to keep a special watch on their employees, while the SDO and SDPO will also ensure strict compliance of the prohibition law in their areas. Strict action has been taken against the businessmen and the persons involved in the illegal business of liquor. Let us inform that a toll free number has also been issued by the state government to strictly follow the prohibition law and to give necessary information to the people, any person can give information in this regard by dialing 18003456268.


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