Tomato is being sold more expensive than apple in this district of Bihar, what is your rate here


These days the prices of green vegetables including tomatoes are touching the sky in many cities of Bihar. In November, tomatoes selling for Rs 20 to 30 are being sold here for Rs 70 to 80 per kg. Whereas the price of apple is less than this. In such a situation, tomatoes are getting away from the reach of common people. There is a huge jump in its price due to the increasing demand for tomatoes, especially during the winter season. The budget of the kitchen has deteriorated due to the continuous increase in the price of green vegetables along with tomatoes. At the same time, the wild increase in the prices of vegetables has broken the back of the common man.

Supply of vegetables from Samastipur, Jharkhand, Bengal

At present, most of the vegetables including tomatoes sold in the local vegetable market are being supplied from Samastipur, Jharkhand, Bengal. Let us inform that till October this year, due to the incessant rains, the vegetables are being supplied from other districts in the market due to the destruction of crops. Due to which its rates have gone up. Let us tell you that green vegetables planted in the field in October are being planted from November. Due to delay of about one month in sowing of green vegetables, locally grown vegetables are expected to be available in the market by January. Vegetables ready in one to three months include Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomato, Onion, Pea, Brinjal, Vince, Beet, Mustard, Spinach, Green Chilli, Radish among others.

Vegetables available at these rates

Cauliflower: 30 to 40 Rs. per kg

Cabbage: 35 to 40 Rs. per kg

Parwal: 50 to 60 rupees. per kg

Brinjal: 40 to 50 rupees. per kg

Nenua : 30 to 40 Rs. per kg

Bhindi: 40 to 50 rupees. per kg

Tomato: 70 to 80 Rs. per kg

Potato: 25 to 30 rupees per kg

Onion : 35 to 40 Rs. per kg

Chathail: 50 to 60 rupees. per kg

Vince: 90 to 100 Rs. per kg

Capsicum : 100 to 140 Rs. per kg

SIM : 70 to 80 Rs. per kg

Spinach: 40 to 40 rupees. per kg

Radish: 35 to 40 Rs. per kg


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