Unemployed youth of Bihar will get jobs soon, Nitish government has this special plan..



Desk: The report of NITI Aayog shows how much unemployment is there in Bihar, every year thousands of students commit suicide due to lack of jobs, otherwise they are forced to migrate to other states, although the government is giving employment again and again. It is talked about, but the ground reality tells something else.

Meanwhile, again the Nitish government is preparing a special plan to provide employment to unemployed youth, if the state government believes then a special portal will be made for it, companies giving employment will be listed on this portal. Seeing the vacancies on the portal, unemployed will be able to get employment through this portal. For skill development of unemployed youth in Bihar, training is being given in different schemes.

Let us inform that 12.82 lakh youth have been enrolled in this skill development training program being run by the Labor Resources Department. Out of this, certificates have been given to 9.25 lakh youths. At the same time, more than 75 thousand youth are still taking training. Let us tell you that 90 thousand 247 people were registered in domain skilling. Out of this, 54 thousand 215 were evaluated and 50 thousand 762 were given certificates.

For information, let us tell you that 3309 were registered in the RTD scheme, out of which 500 were given certificates. Whereas, out of 4008 registered applicants under PMKVY, 1059 were given certificates. But the department does not have the data as to how many of the trained youth got employment.

The department has decided that a separate online portal will be created to provide employment to the unemployed youth. Employers from India and abroad will be connected on this portal. Well-known companies will join this portal. If any vacancies are removed by these companies, then they will give information about it on the employment portal.


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