Vehicle owners of Bihar will also get the number plate of BH Series, know the need of these documents » Patna News


The Transport Department has given a great pleasure to all the vehicle owners of Bihar. According to the information, people of Bihar can also take the number plate of BH series like other states. This system has also been implemented in Bihar, but to take this special number plate series, people will have to keep some important documents with them. According to the information, BH number series is given in Bihar as well as in other states.

Know what is the number of BH series According to the information, the first two characters of the BH series are the last two digits of the year of registration of the vehicle. After this the state (BH) will be written and it will be followed by number series from 0001 to 9999 in 4 digits ABCD of English followed by AA etc. In the BH series, 2 letters of English have been prohibited, along with this the BH series will be valid throughout the country.

Let us inform that in this regard, the Transport Department has issued its notification. According to the notification, while giving information, the Transport Department said that those people who are traveling in another state due to any reason or such employees of the central government, who go from one state to another due to transfer or employees of private company. , which are transferred to other states. They will have to submit documents at the time of taking BH series, so that they can prove that their work is in other states also.

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