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Baby Reindeer’s Netflix supremacy persists on Global Top 10; JJK anime joins non-English chart race, Kdramas hold steady | Web Series

Richard Gadd‘s autobiographical black comedy series Baby Reindeer has been all the rage on the Internet since its seven episodes launched on Netflix on April 11. During its debut week, the series sat at No. 5 on the streamer’s Top 10 TV English titles.

May 6-12: Baby Reindeer stood at No. 2 on Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart in the English TV category the past week. Queen of Tears K-drama and Jujutsu Kaisen claimed their 4th and 9th ranks on the non-English chart. (Netflix)

Even after surpassing the one-month mark, the series still sits among the top rankers on the Netflix chart. For the week beginning on May 6 and closing on May 12, the British psychological thriller garnered 11.4 million views while charting at No. 2. Trailing The Roast of Tom Brady (13.8 million views) closely, Baby Reindeer completed its five weeks on Netflix’s Top 10.

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Meanwhile, ahead of the Netflix staple series Bridgerton hard-launching on Thursday, May 16, the first two seasons of the period romance maintained their long spells among the Top 10 English titles. Season 1 attracted 1.7 million views, savouring its 9th week on the chart, as the second season followed close behind at No. 9. Completing its 15th week on the roster, Bridgerton Season 2 brought in 1.4 million views last week.

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The English list extended a heartwarming welcome to recent premieres like the Jeff Daniels-starrer A Man In Full, the Obama-produced comedy thriller Bodkin, Dead Boy Detectives based on DC Comic characters, Netflix’s reality series Selling the OC Season 3 and stand-up special Katt Williams: Woke Foke.

K-dramas ranking on the overall Netflix Global Top 10 chart

Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s hit Korean rom-com series maintained its 10-week streak on Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart in the non-English category, by claiming its top rank at No. 4. Despite Queen of Tears wrapping up its real-time broadcast on April 28, the Jang Young Woo and Kim Hee Won directorial persistently held on to its steady position among the top-ranking series of the week, garnering 2.5 million views this week alone.

Meanwhile, The Atypical Family, the fantasy romance series that originally aired its premiere on the South Korean TV network JTBC on May 4, debuted on the Netflix Top 10 chart on the 6th spot. Mapping out a storyline with superpowered characters, the intriguing weekend K-drama stars Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee in lead roles. It amassed 2 million views during its first week on the Top 10 chart (non-English).

Standing at No. 8 in its first week on the chart, Netflix’s Super Rich in Korea dug into a dazzling exploration of the Korean elite lives. Charting into the extravagant, lavish everyday sights of a luxurious lifestyle infused with Korean culture, the one-of-its-kind reality series stars Thai rapper and K-pop idol BamBam of GOT7, Oh My Girl’s Mimi and comedian Cho Sae Ho as hosts. The trio attracted a viewership count of 1.1 million since their show’s OTT premiere on May 7.

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Securing the final post on the Top 10 list, Frankly Speaking, spent its second week on the Netflix chart, attracting 1 million views. The Wednesday-Thursday JTBC comedy series starring Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na launched on May 1.

Jujutsu Kaisen joins the competition

Celebrating its first week in the Top 10 listing, the globally acclaimed anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1, based on Gege Akutami’s magnum opus manga series, took the 9th spot. In the non-English index, the beloved dark supernatural welcomed 1 million views from May 6 to May 12 as the only anime title to rank as the top-scorers of the streamer.

Netflix Top 10 TV (English) for May 6-12, 2024

  1. The Roast of Tom Brady (13.8 million views)
  2. Baby Reindeer (11.4 million views)
  3. A Man in Full (6.7 million views)
  4. Katt Williams: Woke Foke (4.3 million views)
  5. Bodkin (3.3 million views)
  6. Selling the OC Season 3 (2.7 million views)
  7. Dead Boy Detectives (1.8 million views)
  8. Bridgerton Season 1 (1.7 million views)
  9. Bridgerton Season 2 (1.4 million views)
  10. The Gentlemen Season 1 (1.4 million views)

Netflix Top 10 TV (Non-English) for May 6-12, 2024

  1. The Asunta Case (5.3 million views)
  2. Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar: Season 1 (4 million views)
  3. Thank You, Next (83.6 million views)
  4. Queen of Tears (2.5 million views)
  5. Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román (2.2 million views)
  6. The Atypical Family (2 million views)
  7. Larva in Mars (1.2 million views)
  8. Super Rich in Korean (1.1 million views)
  9. Jujutsu Kaisen (1 million views)
  10. Frankly Speaking (1 million views)

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