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Love Is Blind’s Chelsea also told Jimmy she looked like Katy Perry, Adele: ‘He heard what he wanted to’ | Web Series

Love Is Blind’s Chelsea also told Jimmy she looked like Katy Perry, Adele: ‘He heard what he wanted to’ | Web Series

Chelsea Blackwell shot to overnight fame (and internet trolling) after the latest season of reality series Love Is Blind. One of the most shared and discussed moments of the season was her telling participant Jimmy that she looked like ‘MGK’s wife’, Megan Fox. Jimmy was so impressed by that that he proposed to her days later, rejecting Jessica Vestal.

Chelsea from Love Is Blind was one of the most controversial participants this season.

When the episode released, the internet has the best time laughing about Chelsea’s ‘delusions’ about looking like Megan Fox. Even Jimmy confessed to the camera that he thought Chelsea had lied to him about her looks.

MGK’s wife?

Now, in a new podcast with After Curfew, Chelsea spoke about the moment in detail. Chelsea said that she called Megan ‘MGK’s wife’ because saying her name out loud felt ‘cringey’ to her. The host then said that Chelsea did look like Megan and she appreciated the compliment.

Chelsea said that Jimmy did tell her in Dominican Republic that he mentioned on camera how she didn’t look like Megan Fox. “Oh man and people are just loving it and that’s the main thing people are loving coming up to me for they’re like, You do look like her. You do. Look, I had one scrawny ass kid and a casino when I was in Vegas, come up to me be like, ‘Megan Fox? You got to be joking me.’ And I was just like, hold me back. Hold me back!”

Adele, Katy Perry and Megan Fox mixed in one

Chelsea even addressed whether being a Megan Fox lookalike made Jimmy propose to her. “I do not because that was a little later on. Like this was a five hour date. Okay, so we were to the end at this point. I don’t think that that would have made a crucial decision on his part. I’m not in his head. I don’t know. I don’t think so though. It was never like a big deal. Like everyone was doing it. Like everyone. So that was just a silly conversation. So I didn’t think he was gonna sit there and act the way he did with it.”

She told the host that not just Megan Fox, she gave Jimmy more names about her lookalikes. “I also say Adele. And I also say Katy Perry. I said, I get one person all the time. And then I say I get I also get Adele and Katy Perry. Put all those girls together. They look nothing alike. He just heard what he wanted to hear and he rolled with it.”

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Chelsea and Jimmy got engaged but he broke it off a few days ahead of the wedding.

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