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Love Island UK Season 11 release date: Where to watch; summer flirting just weeks away | Web Series

Love Island UK Season 11 release date: Where to watch; summer flirting just weeks away | Web Series

Sun’s out, tans are on, and love is in the air! We mean ‘the island.’ Love Island UK is back for another sizzling summer season with tropical romance. In just a few weeks, season 11 of the dating reality series will introduce a fresh batch of Islanders setting sail for the iconic villa, ready to find love. But will it be true love or just a season of calculated moves? Check out when is Love Island UK Season 11 coming to streaming.

As dating reality shows such as Love Island and The Bachelor prove, love is hard to engineer, even when one is surrounded by candidates.

Love Island UK Season 11 release date

Love Island UK has been a staple of summer for viewers in the UK since its debut in 2015. Season 10 was a massive success for the show, leaving many fans wondering when the next series would air. US Sun has reported that Love Island UK will return on June 3 with Season 11.

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Love Island UK has traditionally aired in the 1st week of June since 2017. The only exception was in 2021 when it aired on June 28, likely due to the show being delayed due to the pandemic.

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Who will host Love Island UK 11?

According to a source, Maya Jama will be back as the host of Season 11. She also hosted the first-ever Love Island Games. Love Island has been around for ten years, with many international versions and spin-offs such as All-Stars.

Where to watch Love Island UK season 11?

Love Island: All Stars and Love Island U.S. and Love Island Games will be aired on Peacock, while the regular summer edition of Love Island will remain on Hulu in addition to the Australian version.

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Concept of Love Island

The show follows the basic structure of a dating show. Singles are placed on an island, they form connections and then new singles are brought in to try and connect with people who have already been paired off. The contestants are eliminated from the show over the course of the season until only one couple is left standing. Public voting is also taken into account. The spin-off All Stars is a departure from the traditional dating show format. It features a cast of islanders who have all been on the show before.

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