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Lovely Runner, Byeon Woo Seok uphold vast gap in popular K-drama, actor rankings; Uncle Samsik makes Top 10 debut | Web Series

Lovely Runner is racing to the top despite lacking a mainstream OTT platform launch. The tvN time-travel romance series has filled international audiences’ hearts with warm memories and loving takeaways since its April 8 premiere.

Lovely Runner tops the most buzzworthy K-drama list for the second consecutive week. Meanwhile, Disney Plus’ Uncle Samsik join the race on the TV-OTT index.

Even though the series did not find a streaming space for global viewers to easily access on Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney Plus, the K-drama has proved its self-made worth to the world. For the second week in a row, Lovely Runner ranked atop the TV and TV-OTT popularity indexes of the Good Data Corporation’s weekly chart, revealed on May 14.

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Despite its slightly dipping topicality (63.25%—TV / 58.37%—TV-OTT) from last week’s score (65.43%—TV / 60.52%—TV-OTT), the tvN sensation maintained its leading rank at the top of the table, securing a vast gap between its sky-high popularity scale and the subsequently trailing K-drama titles on the Top 10 chart.

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Lovely Runner cast members Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon, and Song Geon Hee also occupied the top three ranks on the most popular actors of the week chart.

JTBC’s The Atypical Family soared to the No. 2 spot in the TV category, scoring a popularity scale of 6.99%, following Lovely Runner’s exemplary position.

New Kdramas scoring worthy topicality scores

tvN’s The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, starring Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ryeo Won, joined the race for the first time since its premiere on May 11 and debuted at No. 3. Additionally, Disney Plus’ Uncle Samsik, which marked legendary actor Song Kang’s K-drama debut on May 15, secured a spot on the chart during its premiere week at No. 9.

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Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon, romantic leads of the former tvN melodrama series, also joined the top-ranking popular list of actors this week. They claimed the 4th and 7th ranks for their ‘Fundex’ debut with their anticipated K-drama comebacks.

The 8 Show makes it to the Top 10 on buzzworthy rankings ahead of its Netflix premiere

In addition, the Ryu Jun Yeol-led upcoming Netflix series The 8 Show, which will be released on the streamer on May 17, has already found its place on the TV-OTT index of the weekly charts. The growing anticipation around the forthcoming OTT K-drama series has become the talk of social media ahead of the show’s launch.

Netflix describes The 8 Show: “Eight individuals trapped in a mysterious 8-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous show where they earn money as time passes.” 

Based on the Naver webtoon, Money Game & Pie Game, the South Korean dark comedy thriller series also stars The Atypical Family’s Chun Woo Hee, Park Jeong Min (Deliver Us From Evil), Lee Yul Eum (Nevertheless), Park Hae Joon (The World of the Married), Lee Joo Young (Believer 2), Moon Jeong Hee (Cart) and Bae Seong Woo (The Great Battle).

Top 10 Kdramas that generated the most buzz in the second week of May

1. Lovely Runner 1. Lovely Runner
2. Atypical Family 2. Atypical Family
3. The Midnight Romance in Hagwon 3. The Midnight Romance in Hagwon
4. Chief Detective 1958 4. Chief Detective 1958
5. Frankly Speaking 5. Frankly Speaking
6. Beauty and Mr Romantic 6. Beauty and Mr Romantic
7. Blood Free 7. The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
8. The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection 8. Nothing Uncovered / Grabbed by the Collar
9. Uncle Samsik 9. Missing Crown Prince
10. The 8 Show 10. The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Top 10 drama actors who generated the most buzz in the second week of May

Actor Drama
1. Byeon Woo Seok Lovely Runner
2. Kim Hye Yoon Lovely Runner
3. Song Geon Hee Lovely Runner
4. Jung Ryeo Won The Midnight Romance in Hagwon 
5. Chun Woo Hee The Atypical Family
6. Jan Ki Yong The Atypical Family
7. Wi Ha Joon The Midnight Romance in Hagwon
8. Go Kyung Pyo Frankly Speaking
9. Kang Han Na Frankly Speaking
10. Im Soo Hyang Beauty and Mr Romantic

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