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Netflix Atypical Family ending explained: Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee’s K-drama ends with highest rating | Web Series

Netflix’s Atypical Family, an addition to the supernatural rom-com genre, has come to an end after maintaining a decent viewership rating in the domestic market. While on Netflix, the K-drama attempted to keep up the pace with its intriguing storyline but somehow fell short of expectations, especially considering the anticipation surrounding Jang Ki Yong’s comeback. As the show concluded following its 12-episode run, fans were left reeling with a lot of questions: Was it a happy ending? Who survived the fire? Who was the mysterious kid, and so on?

Netflix’s ‘Atypical Family’ ends with decent viewership, leaving fans with questions. Bok Gwi Ju’s time-traveling storyline concludes with a twist, bringing him back from the past for a tearful happy ending.(JTBC)

Atypical Family ends with the highest rating yet

The JTBC show achieved its personal best rating yet, scoring an average nationwide rating of 4.9 per cent according to Nielsen Korea. On Netflix, it maintains its hold on the Number 4 spot in the non-English TV show category.

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The Atypical Family ending explained

At the end of the 11th episode, we witness Bok Gwi Ju receiving an injury mark on his neck, leading him to believe that the dream his mother had of him dying was finally coming true. The injury he sustained while travelling to the past, attempting to help little Da Hae ride a bicycle, was the same one Da Hae saw on her saviour’s neck while battling a fire 13 years ago. Gwi Ju decides to hide it from her, but she eventually discovers it. In the final episode, Gwi Ju consults a pharmacist to learn how long the mark will last, as he wants to understand the time he has left before he dies.

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Grace sets Dong Hee up with her uncle after Dong Hee breaks up with Ji Han. Ji Han, consumed by jealousy, vows to destroy their happiness. He attempts to threaten Dong Hee but fails. Da Hae notices Gwi Ju always dressed in turtlenecks and decides to look closer by checking his neck while he sleeps. She finds a scar and grasps its importance. Yet, Gwi Ju asks her to keep this secret from his relatives until the time of In Ha’s contest is finished.

Bok In Ha’s school fire

Stage fright hits In Ha during her first performance as she anxiously searches for her father in the audience. Gwi Ju is on the hunt for answers. He receives a message from a former coworker, aiming to piece together details about a fire that occurred 13 years prior. Despite this, he decides to return to the show and then rushes away, leaving Da Hae confused in his path. To make matters more perplexing, Gwi Ju’s dad shares a chilling dream Man Heum had about a fire at Yi Na’s school with Da Hae. In another event, Ji Han, desperate to get Dong Hee back, threatens her with setting her house on fire if she doesn’t comply. Dong Hee doubts his intentions, yet ironically, after she departs, Ji-Han unintentionally ignites a fire himself.

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Who survives fire in Atypical Family?

In Ha finds herself trapped in a fire, but Da Hae arrives to rescue her. However, as the fire intensifies and a large section of a damaged wall threatens to fall on them, Gwi Ju manages to hold it up, allowing them to escape. He instructs her to flee the chaos while also mentioning that this is the ideal moment for him to sneak back in time and rescue her. Despite Da Hae’s pleas for him to stay, he vanishes. Gwi Ju returns to the moment Ha is born and devises a plan to save Da Hae.

Upon entering the ward this time, the entire area is bathed in colour, making him visible to all. Before exiting the room, he shares a moment with his dead wife and later the colleague he lost in the accident. Gwi Ju manages to save the love of his life and gives her family a ring before disappearing into the fire. Next, we see the Bok family present mourning the death of their son.

Is Gwi Ju dead?

Five years passed with no trace of Bok Gwi Ju. Da Hae now lives with the Bok family and even has a son. The family has accepted the fact that Gwi Ju died when he travelled to the past. However, there is a twist. The ending features Gwi Ju and Da Hae’s son, who also possesses the supernatural power of bringing things from the past. Despite knowing it’s close to impossible, Da Hae still shows her son his dad’s photo, hoping he would bring him from the past.

Does Atypical Family have a happy ending?

“The toddler didn’t disappoint her mother’s wish, as the final scene shows tears of joy streaming down Da Hae’s face while watching her son standing with his father, Gwi Ju, implying he managed to bring him back from the past. With tears in their eyes, the pair exchange a smile. In time, they find their happy ending.

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